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Level 1 Exterior Detail

The purpose of the Level 1 Detail is to wash the paintwork, PPF (Paint Protection Film) or vinyl wrap . Most commonly, the Level 1 Detail is a hand wash used as an ongoing maintenance detail. It doesn’t involve paint correction, and instead, is a thorough deep clean involving natural contamination.


Woman washing a car, automatic car wash in Saskatoon

Level 2 Interior Detail 

With complimentary wash

The purpose of the Level 2 Detail is to revive the interior of the vehicle. Depending on the materials, we use different tools and methods. This involves deep cleaning and deodorizing of the carpet, and sanitization of heavily touched areas. Plastics and leathers are treated and protected for longevity. 


Man detailing interior of Porsche Saskatoon

Level 3 Complete Detail 

The Level 3 Detail is designed to bring out the best of a used car, giving life back to the paintwork and interior. The exterior is meticulously washed and waxed - making the vehicle glimmer. The interior is cleaned from the carpets all the way to the headliner; leaving the interior smelling and looking fresh.


Porsche in Saskatoon getting washed, Window tint
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